CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

The Dynamic Data Layer

A real-time data collection system that speaks your business Language. Impact and analyse customer journey's, make real connections.


Why use CEDDL-polyfill

The day marketers spread data around the globe without repercussions is at an end. In fact, browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are already blocking third-party cookies. Governments are under pressure to legislate the protection of citizen's data privacy.

Practically all aspects of digital marketing will be impacted: collecting customer data, personalization, remarketing, onsite personalization, and web analytics.

Take back control

Ceddl-polyfill collects events from your web & mobile apps without dependencies. Together with our partners, we provide an end-to-end data toolkit. So you can give a complete view of the customer to every team in your company.


No matter what Behavioral Data Platform you use. It should start at CEDDL-polyfill

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