CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

UTM plugin released.

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a method to measure which campaigns and links are and aren't working.

Our New Website is here!

This essential update has many new ways of making contact, providing you with a in-page demo, the latest news as well as keeping you up to date on our range of consultancy services and partnership options.

Year in Review & Look Ahead

2019 is well on its way, I feel it's a appropriate moment to evaluate our developments over de last year. To review the foundation that we have built and figure out a way forward.

Heatmap input checked off on the bucket list

Heatmap data input has been on the team bucket list from day one. We found that heatmap coordinates data collection is not as simple a adding a mouse move listener on the body. There are lots of situations and exceptions to handle.

Stickers for our supporters

Today, we’re excited to announce TypeScript support for ceddl polyfill via release 0.9.9. Also in this update, increasing downloads require us to get a better understanding of our users.

Soft Launch of CEDDL Polyfill

The team has been working for 7 years implementing and improving website marketing systems. After a complete rewrite of the frontend datalayer solution in 2018, quality is good enough to share and open source the polyfill online. , increasing downloads require us to get a better understanding of our users.

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