CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

Soft Launch of CEDDL Polyfill

The team has been working for 7 years implementing and improving website marketing systems. After a complete rewrite of the frontend datalayer solution in 2018, quality is good enough to share and open source the polyfill online.

Our objective: Connecting web application to tags and marketing solutions in the browser is more difficult than ever before. 3rd party injected javascript is doing lots of duplicate work and expecting sets of data to be sent in a vendor specific format. CEDDL-Polyfill will streamline and simplify your data flow. Allowing developers to generate a structured, testable and standardized data layer across multiple Silos for web analytics, ads, website personalization, and DMP implementations. Applying lessons learned by many implementations and bringing this back into a specification that browsers will be able to implement.

The current state of the polyfill is to incubate on ideas, assist in writing a technical specification. Wondering what a polyfill is? Read more here.

Please do not hesitate send us a message via the w3c mailing list of contact forms on this site.

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