CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

Web analytics & personalization datalayer using React, Vue or Angular

Probably, a development teams that has invested into a front-end mv* framework is going to be the most difficult to convince. They might have a different approach or think of the effort it will take to implement a web datalayer, but my experience shows that with a couple of examples, once they understand it, they will support the concept. We set out two months ago with the intent of providing these examples.

Links to code repository’s for React , Vue and AngularJS

The applications demonstrate compatibility with the front-end mv* frameworks. Show that leveraging the template engines and data models, dramatically improves data quality and will simplify development effort.

example applications using vanilla, react, vue and angular.

On top of TodoMVC

It can be hard to make the leap from hacking together code that works to writing code that`s organized, maintainable, reusable, and a joy to work on. We decided to implement on top of TodoMVC. This project does a great job of introducing developers to different approaches to code organization. It offers the same Todo application implemented using MV concepts in most of the popular JavaScript MVframeworks of today.

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