CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

Heatmap input checked off on the bucket list

Heatmap data input has been on the team bucket list from day one. We found that heatmap coordinates data collection is not as simple as adding a mouse move listener on the body. There are lots of situations and exceptions to handle:

  • Is the user using a mouse?
  • When should we send data to the eventbus (backend).
  • How to manage users leaving or closing the browser window.
  • Separating click for touch devices and mouse move heatmap.
  • User’s mouse idle time.

ceddl stickers image

To run the demo application clone the ceddl-aditional-inputs git repository and run commands npm install and npm run dev.

Loving that it can be done in under 175 lines of JavaScript. Happy to be able to release heatmap data input for web analytics early in 2019.

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