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Raising the Bar for Web Analytics.

As many of you know, I have been working on privacy-first analytics for many years now. With the importance of data protection growing, businesses and organizations are actively looking for enterprise alternatives that offer business value without requiring big upfront investments. Alternatives that are simple to install and prioritize user privacy.

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While there are already many analytics platforms out there, PostHog is one that I found especially interesting for larger enterprises. PostHog has gained attention in the tech industry due to its full-featured approach to product analytics, and its growth has been bolstered by a number of high-profile investors. In 2021, the company raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by GV (formerly Google Ventures), with participation from Y Combinator, SV Angel, and other notable investors.

Other players I keep an eye out for include Plausible Analytics, Snowplow Analytics, Matomo (formerly Piwik), and Fathom Analytics.

  1. Plausible Analytics is a simple, privacy-focused analytics platform that provides basic analytics data, such as pageviews and unique visitors, while prioritizing user privacy and data protection.
  2. Snowplow Analytics is a highly customizable open-source analytics platform that offers advanced event tracking, real-time data processing, and machine learning capabilities.
  3. Matomo is an open-source analytics platform that provides a range of features, including event tracking, heat maps, and A/B testing, while prioritizing user privacy and data protection.
  4. Fathom Analytics is a lightweight, privacy-focused analytics platform that tracks website visits and provides basic analytics data, while limiting the collection and use of user data.

One of the key factors for enterprises that care about privacy is data ownership. PostHog, Plausible, and Snowplow all can be hosted on your own server or in a private cloud, giving you full ownership and control of your analytics data.

At ceddl analytics, we go further than receiving and analyzing data streams. We automate using a zero-code process to send company emails, fill sales systems, update personal calendars, send chat messages, and many more. The beautiful thing is there is no need to send personalized datasets all over the planet.

Great alternatives to Google Analytics 4 have arrived. They offer businesses more control and ownership over their analytics data. So before you default to installing Google Analytics 4 on your next project, consider these alternatives!"

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