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First-class consulting and development services of our partners to create business value in record time. As a solid foundation for analytics, personalization and marketing where you are in control.

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Information is of critical importance. That requires a committed and innovative IT knowledge partner with relevant experience. To bring your organizations to new heights. We make that happen!


  • Power BI
  • Elasticsearch
  • Business Innovations
  • Architecture en Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Healthcare
  • 360 customer view

Data that speaks as you do.

Speed up your time to insight with datasets that speak your business language. Naming conventions are critical to ensuring the consistency and accessibility of your data. So why do other tools require you to send events in their specific format?

Talk to a specialist about building clean, high-quality data, so you can focus on engagement and growth.


No more release anxiety.

Do you have breaking reports and bug's in data products when it is to late? Automated testing is part of the Ceddl DNA. Shift-left and test during development at the source.

Talk to a specialist about unit and end to end testing Data Layer events during development.

A seamless customer journey

Customer loyalty at your fingertips with a 360 degree customer view in Real-time. Serve relevant communications. Make impact. Proving a data toolkit to every team in your company and take action at the right time.

Talk to a specialist about personalization turning, customers into your biggest promoters.

360 customer view

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