CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

Performance timing plugin

This plugin gathers metrics regarding document navigation. For example, this interface can be used to determine how much time it took to load the page for a group of users/device types.

import {ceddl} from '@ceddl/ceddl-polyfill';
import {PerformanceTiming} from '@ceddl/ceddl-aditional-inputs/dist/performance-timing';


ceddl.eventbus.on('performanceTiming', function (data) {

// "performanceTiming": {
//     "redirecting": 2
//     "dnsconnect": 18
//     "request": 2
//     "response": 5
//     "domprocessing": 525
//     "load": 50
//     "transferbytes": 366533
//     "transferrequests": 37
// }

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