CEDDL-polyfill The Dynamic Data Layer for the browser

UTM tracking plugin

UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is a method to measure which campaigns and links are and aren’t working. Unique codes at the end of URL(links) contain parameters that let you accurately determine the origin, the impact of your campaigns and see which marketing initiatives are gaining traction.

Government and web standards organizations are under pressure to do more for consumer privacy To this end, the HTTP referrer property and possibly these UTM properties can be blocked. This plugin for Ceddl-polyfill allows you to change the prefix of the parameters if needed. We also advise using link shorteners.

import {ceddl} from '@ceddl/ceddl-polyfill';
import {UrchinTracking} from '@ceddl/ceddl-aditional-inputs/dist/urchin-tracking';

UrchinTracking.run(ceddl, {
  prefix: 'utm',
  removeOnLoad: true
ceddl.eventbus.on('hurchinTracking', function (data) {

// "urchinTracking": {
//   "source": "hubspot"
//   "medium": "email"
//   "campaign": "main"
//   "content": "A123"
//   "term": "main"
// }

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